August 3, 2010


just want to share what had happen to me last MasskARA 08 hahahaha

I never thought my allegry would trigger again..

I’m so NAIVE …Its too late for me to know its in our blood that alcohol are not for us…

The events:

Last October 17 we had our Night Out after our CALVARY (exam).. My pals were so damn excited, even my self (lolz)…

* moi
* rj
* luig
* jep
* queenie
* fring
* virg
* j.c
* ai
* xtian

fring, queenie, ai, jep and me first went to mister donut were j.c and his dance troop were preparing for the competition headed by the Globe, we were there to cheer our dearest friend JC and the Campuz Jammers.. they were so damn COOL! yeah! I idolize them! their moves were unique, they dance as a TEAM, their routine REALLY amazed me! My eyes can’t stop from watching them as they performed! …They were my BET!Unfortunately the got the 2nd place! But for me the were the CHAMP!


The 5of us went to east block! those people that i haven’t mentioned above were those who were wating for us at the East for almost 2 hours(lolz)… We really had a great time at east block, some would say its a boring place but for us its nice and not to crowded..what they ordered: ( marga strawberry, marga blue and cruiser for gals: redhorse for guys)… The funny thing happened was, when rj gave a note to the girl (entertainer) to be read in front of people

heres the note: “happy birthday to vergiepadaba”

He was refering to virg, actually its not the birthday of honey (they love to annoy virg) lolz… Beacause of that, the owner of the stall offer as free kropek and Margarita, everybody was happy then..

Worst thing:

As we enjoy with the marga and cruiser ..I guess i was the only one who had the least number of shots (to be specific: 4 cocktail glass)… I’m not used to drink, in fact this was my 3rd drinking session in my entire teenage life ( shy)… I gave up because i have PALPITATIONS.. i was afraid then.. that’s the first sign..

the NEXT ambiance…

We went to MO2 … DISCO addict! We were just sitting at the parking lot , some went inside.. Queenie is not feeling well, she was drunk! We went home after an hour ….

REST after NIGHT out!

As i woke up, I was not in the mood.. I had my allergy attack! The reaction of alcohol was cruel! my body was red, i have urticaria (itchiness) and High FEVER!

i hate it!

Now : October 22, 2008

I’m still suffering! my mom doesn’t know about the allergy (sigh).. my friends were kinda worried about me!… I have skin desquamation in my arms, clavicle area and in the chest.. (just imagine the snake removing its skin)..

this is a sort of LEARNING for me..

If i wont listen to myself, maybe the next attack would in danger me…

Its too late.. I already suffered!
My aunt and her brother also had a bad experience after drinking, their body cant tolerate the reaction of its content… they had DOB, fever, tremors, and palpitations… same thing happened to me!

COMMENT of my FrienD :

Hai, la ko himuon… and as I read through your blog may nag POP sa mind ko. Haha! Mang himu2x ko nicknames. La lang, feel ko lg eh. haha!

And so here it is…. The product of my instant imagination.

I’m pretty darn excited to blab about these names I invented for those who have certain reactions toward alcohol. Ehem. Don’t laugh Che Ann, coz you’re included!

Virg – aka VOMITUS. For how many times already did she drink without doing the technicolor yawn??? I can pretty count them as less than two. Ok, so let’s say her tummy’s not that strong. . . but still she is such a cool person to be with. And now, she’s improving. wink.

Connie – aka vomitus II/straw marga addict. The usual scene – East equals marga. Strawberry and damn frozen, baby! Last time we were there, she puked. Seems like she got infected by vomitus the first. haha!

Che Ann (ayEr2x). . . the “allergy girl” Signs and symptoms: DOB, palpitations, desquamation.
Watch out if any of these happens!! Coz she’ll turn red in less than 3 seconds! Wee~ Can I turn orange too??
Note to Che Ann: Told yah! *peace

FrinG (ayEr2x) – aka emo Fringster? Well, what can I say? I’m cool !!! No contradictions – I’m the one writing here. Bwahahahhaha!!

AilEen – ThE FirsT year who iS in the process of learning. Learning what? No further details.

Moi and the PuSsycAtboys – haha! gEntLemeN. I love theSe guys. TheY’ll nEver leAve you AlOne. CHeErs to aLl ouR drinKing buDdies!

JC anD aNn – thE haPpy, DancinG parTners. haha. theY’re NoT a couple anD Don’t ask mE whY. BuT JC is mY BF everY FridaY he’S the BF of viRg every SaturDay. So thaT’s one HeLl of a BF switcH!

TheRenCe – ThE LosT OriGinaL EasT siDer. ‘Hope he’Ll get in touch sOon.

Btw, The origiNal EasT siDers are Jc, Che aNn, viRg, CoNnie, Ai, Ann, TheRencE and YourS truLy.

So Che, how’s thAt??? I waNna have thE Cd alrEady so thAt I caN Edit ouR pix togethEr! Grrrr.

To All mY buDdiEs, tiLl next SeSsion.. Haha. WanNa join thE pack? FeeL frEe! We’Re toTallY coOl pEoplE!!! Haha.


PosT scripT: (In othER worDs, PaApas Kay maY nalimTan. hehehe. Sowee!)

SpeciAl EntriEs. . .

HoRace – yOu caN call hiM “HoRe” foR shorT. . . .ThE PeP squAd memBer whO was Just DragGed to My crAzinEss thAt “DAMN” tormEntEd thursDaY nighT oF u-WeeK!

and oF courSE, to mY evER dearEst. . .

MycO – AKA MoYko. He’s My soN. YeaH, thE onLy son whO curSeS his MothEr (thaT’s me) anD CaLls hiS dAd stuPid namEs. Who’S hiS daD? Don’T eveN thinK abouT askiN’ . . . AnywaY, generaLly he’s a preTty gOod SoN, fuN to Be witH and verY OBEDIENT. GosH, jusT imaginE. . . I’M his MoM buT wE go ouT dancin’ iN icE togethEr. If thaT’s for ReaL it’ll be groSs. SweaR.

sO, havE i misSed ouT anyOne stiLl?

JusT PM me if I diD, cHe. haha.

CheErs again!!!


Want to EARN MONEY????

August 3, 2010

click this LINK…

Secret – Taiwanese Movie

May 14, 2010

I’m so attracted to persons who play PIANO or let me say.. BORN to Be a great ARTIST or a MUSICIAN..

Hearing those melodies played in this movie makes me feel good.. Thanks!

Jay Chou fulfilled his childhood dream of being a director in Secret, in which he also played the main character. He was the one who wrote the “SECRET” with a plot focused on music, love, and family. He stars as the lead actor of the film with Kwai Lun-Mei‎ as the female lead, and Hong Kong veteran actor Anthony Wong as Chou’s father.

Music ROCK my WORLD..
I love classic.. Wish i could play piano…

A Millionaire’s First Love The Movie

May 13, 2010


A person can let go of everything for the woman he love most can be called NOBLE!

For this generation, do we have that kind of man ? a man that prefers to be with you for the rest of his life…

Watching the movie made my heart melt, made my heart feel more ache.. though the ending was sad, but helped me to realize something.. “TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST”

love.. love...

The story is about the young couple who started to be serious about the LOVE they have for each other.. even though the girl has an illness, still the guy stayed beside her until her last day on earth..

Autumn’s Concerto.. so much LOVE!

May 12, 2010

BEHIND stories..
I was fascinated with the cover of the dvd… so i bought it!
I was able to finish the movie for about less than a week.. WOOH! I spend my whole time watching this.. i was addicted to it.. can help my self to stop.. yeah!

Indeed its a GREAT MOVIE!
if i were to rate this …. 5 STARS plus and a thumbs up!

so different with the other movies I’ve watched.. You’ll learn something from the movie..

Vanness Wu as Ren Guang Xi
Ady An as Liang Mu Chen
Tiffany Xu as He Yi Qian

"Next Stop Happiness"


MUST watch it!

Hello world!

April 4, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!